Baking Cooking Torch


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Cooking Torch browns, caramelizes and sears foods quickly and precisely. Its adjustable settings allow you to fully customize the flame as needed, up to a maximum temperature of 2400 F. The refillable butane canister has a 42ml capacity (butane gas not included) and delivers up to 80 minutes of burn time. The removable BPA-free stand holds the torch conveniently nearby and a safety latch on the ignition meets CPSC child-safety requirements. Kitchen torches can be used for much more than just caramelizing sugar on crème brulee. Add more visual appeal to foods or deepen their flavors and transform everyday dishes into something really spectacular. Toast other sugary foods like marshmallows for s’mores, icings on cupcakes or meringue pies and baked alaska.

The powerful flame is perfect for larger, non-food tasks, like electrical and mechanical repairs, DIY projects, jewelry making, soldering and welding. It’s compact and portable keep one handy in your garage or take along as part of your camping gear or other travel and vacation supplies. Made with a sturdy aluminum body with removable BPA-free stand, this cooking torch wipes down quickly with a damp cloth and easily stores away in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. Instructions for use are included.


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