Charles Viancin Silicone Hibiscus Lid 9″ Medium


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If you’re sick of digging through a drawer full of lids to find the right one, these lids from Charles Viancin are the cure. Made from silicone, these cleverly designed lids seal to the smooth rims of glass, plastic and metal bowls creating a vacuum-like and airtight seal on any dish, pan, or bowl. When used as a lid on pots and pans, the Charles Viancin Lid seals in flavors and cooks food dishes more efficiently than without.  When used as a storage lid, the lid helps to prevent freezer burn and keeps contents from drying and spilling better then plastic wrap or Aluminum foil. This BPA-free food cover is safe for temperatures up to 428° F in the oven or on the stove and is guaranteed not to transfer toxins or particulates into your food and is Dishwasher safe.  The best part is they will save you money on plastic wrap and Aluminum Foil because they are reusable.  There is nothing better just drop it on like any lid and it creates a seal that is in most cases strong enough to support the weight of your baking dish.


Charles Viancin Lid features:

Fun Hibiscus design

9″ in diameter

Covers pie pans, cake pans, casserole dishes with an airtight seal for storage and transportation

Prevents freezer burn and drying when used to store leftovers in the freezer

Use as a replacement lid for soup pots and saucepans to cook foods faster and seal in juices

Safe for temperatures up to 428° F on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave

Naturally nonstick

Dishwasher approved

Inspired by nature

BPA free

Works with plastic, glass, melamine, and steel dishes


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