Hutzler Boil Over Stopper


  • Prevent starchy foam from boiling over
  • Simply place over the top of pots before water boils
  • Keeps stovetops clean
  • Leaves space for adding ingredients and seeing what’s in the pot
  • Doubles as an oven rack pull
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
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When cooking starchy foods, there is always the possibility of the water boiling over and making a big mess on your stovetop. The Hutzler Boil Over Stopper prevents this from happening. Just place this on top of your pot as it begins to cook. If the water is about to boil over, the Boil Over Stopper will magically break up the bubbles and prevent it from boiling over the pot.

A great feature is that this does not act like a lid to the pot. There is plenty of room to let steam escape, to add spices, to stir, and to see what’s going on.

No more messes with the Boil Over Stopper.


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