Brotform Liner, 11 Round


  • Fits Frieling 10 x 7″ Oval Brotform, Item #3004
  • 100 % Cotton, seamless liners make a Brotform even more convenient
  • No worries, the beautifly ribbed pattern will still show on the baked loaf
  • Made in Poland
  • Brotform sold separately
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The Brotform allows the dough to rise, and as it rises, the dough takes the shape of the Brotform. The natural cane absorbs the moisture in the dough while the tight spaces between the cane allows just enough air to help the dough to rise evenly. And, just enough moisture is removed so the crust is crunchy as it bakes. Liners keep the Brotform cleaner, while protecting the beautiful ribbed pattern on the bread.


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