Straight Trussing Needle, 8in


  • Made in France from stainless steel
  • Reusable; extra sturdy for easy trussing; pointed end easily pierces outer skin and more fibrous tissue
  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water
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The Straight Reusable Trussing Needle securely binds poultry and meat for a stress-free roasting experience.  Tackle everyday oven roasting or grilling and holiday cooking effortlessly.  Both thinner and thicker butcher twine easily thread through the larger eye in a jiff.  The pointed end skillfully pierces outer skin and more fibrous tissue to get the job done quickly without a struggle.  Seal stuffing inside turkey and oven stuffer roasters to prevent it from escaping or drying out during the roasting process.  Bind roasts and stuffed meats, like Italian braciole or pinwheels, to seal in cheese, herbs and seasonings and lock in flavor.  Creating that succulent stuffed turkey or proper crown roast for a breathtaking holiday presentation has never been easier.  Simply use just like a sewing needle to lace butcher’s twine across the cavity opening to close in stuffing and seasonings, and lock in natural juices and flavor.  Remove the butcher’s twine then present the roasted masterpiece for carving at family gatherings and holiday meals.


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