Nut Milk Bag


  • Nut Milk Bag for straining, draining, sieving and filtering out pulp and skins while allowing liquids to flow through
  • Easily make silky homemade almond milk and cashew milk without any pulp or bits of debris
  • Strain nut milks, fresh-squeezed juices, jellies, steeped herbs, and grains for homebrew craft beer infused oil and vinegar, mulled cider, and more
  • Easy to use; rinse clean or machine washable for easy cleanup
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This Nut Milk Bag is an invaluable addition to kitchen supplies for straining homemade nut milks for a smooth and silky texture. Use for draining, sieving and filtering out pulp and lumps while liquids flow through. Perfectly shaped to fit over bowls and easy to use. Simply open the Nut Milk Bag, place it over a catch bowl, and pour in the blended liquid. Precious liquids will collect in the bowl while unwanted debris is trapped inside the fine-mesh weave. The drawstring closure will easily secure ingredients inside for longer cooking processes. A must-have for home brewing supplies, simply place hops and whole grains inside the Nut Milk Bag and tie the string to contain them. Grains are then easily removed without having to filter out husks from a homebrew craft beer. Great for making steeped herbs, mulled cider, homeopathic remedies, and more. The Nut Milk Bag is reusable and machine washable. Simply rinse out debris, hand or machine wash in hot water with a cold rinse, and hang to air dry.

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Unbleached, Bleached Polyester


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