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Torchbearer Honey Badger Hot Sauce

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The crew at Torchbearer know how to up the heat without sacrificing flavor, and this sauce’s potent mix of Scorpion peppers and Carolina Reapers combined with honey and mustard is all the proof you’ll need. Like a souped up version of the honey mustard you dunked your chicken nuggets in as a kid (no judgements if you never stopped), this sauce is another testament to Torchbearer’s deft use of craveable flavors, big heat and their signature silky smooth texture. Pepper heads will enjoy this with chicken tenders, roast pork, and crispy brussel sprouts.

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Scorpion pepper, honey, distilled white vinegar, water, canola oil, brown sugar, mustard powder, Carolina Reaper pepper, white sugar, cayenne pepper powder, black pepper, turmeric, mustard seed, granulated garlic, salt, garlic

Size: 5 fl / oz

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