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Knife Chef 6 Steelport

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This 6" carbon steel chef's knife is quintessential for anyone who needs an all-around kitchen workhorse but feels more comfortable with a shorter all-purpose blade or has limited space—whether they're using a cutting board at home or a prep station at work. It delivers the same performance aspects as the flagship 8" Chef's Knife with a slightly shorter blade and more curve at the tip, allowing for nimble handling and cutting. It is equipped with a "sheepsfoot" tip so that home or professional chefs can securely use their hands as a guide while using the tip of the knife. The finger groove detail at the blade's heel allows ergonomic control in the preferred pinch-hold. Every surface of the handle is processed to ensure a comfortable, soft touch to help with long-term comfort.

A carbon steel knife is a reflection of the chef who uses it and will develop a unique patina over time. To prevent rust, hand wash and dry thoroughly immediately after each use.

Steelport Knife Co. is reintroducing American-forged carbon steel cutlery. Their knives integrate decades of comprehensive experience to create the most sophisticated culinary tools. Iconic design and handcrafted individuality meet in rigorous attention to detail. Every Steelport knife is manufactured and sharpened by hand in Portland, Oregon, using only American-sourced materials.

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