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Falksalt 4.4oz Natural

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FALKSALT | Natural Sea Salt Flakes 4.4oz. | Gourmet Finishing Salt | Handcrafted, Kosher and Halal Certified

  • NATURAL - Our pyramid shaped sea salt finishing flakes have a pure taste and intense crunch that add a level of complexity to any dish's flavor and texture.
  • SUGGESTED USE - Sprinkle over meat, poultry, and vegetables to take flavor to the next level. Crumble over baked goods for salty sweet treat. Natural Falksalt can even be used to elevate a cocktail - Rim a glass with it or sprinkle it inside to enhance flavors.
  • MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT FLAKES - Chef-approved, gourmet flake salt sourced from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Cyprus. Our flake salt has a unique crunch with a light, pure taste that adds dimension and complexity to flavor and texture.
  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY - Falksalt is all natural, NON-GMO, additive free and contains a wide range of trace minerals. Falksalt flakes are handcrafted without artificial flavors and use the highest industry standard quality controls.
  • TRADITION - Since 1928, Falksalt has been made using the same traditional artisan methods to produce the best salt that money can buy. Our master salt makers are the most experienced in the industry, resulting in superior gourmet products.

Ingredients: Salt (Sodium Chloride Min. 98%), Keep In A Dry Place As Salt Easily Attracts Moisture.


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