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Fry Pan 9.5 XD Induction

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The 9.5" Swiss Diamond Induction Fry Pan is a fantastic choice for a wedding or housewarming gift, especially for couples or individuals cooking for two. This pan features the new and improved Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating, which contains 20% more diamonds than the previous HD coating. The XD coating ensures excellent food release and durability, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. The pan's design performs exceptionally well on all induction cooktops. However, it is also suitable for gas or electric stovetops, providing versatility for different kitchen setups. The XD Induction coating on the pan allows for browning, similar to stainless steel. This feature is perfect for creating fond, a foundation for delicious gravies and sauces.

The pan's ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and remains cool on the stovetop. The handle and the pan are oven-safe up to 500 °F (260 °C), allowing seamless transitions from stovetop cooking to oven finishing. The pan's ingenious and magnetic cast aluminum base ensures compatibility with induction cooktops without the annoying buzzing. The flat bottom provides stability and prevents tipping, spinning, or warping during cooking. Additionally, the rivet-free surface offers ultimate protection against bacteria build-up.

The Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating assures easy clean-up, as it requires only a rinse with hot, soapy water and eliminates the need for scrubbing or soaking. The nonstick surface also allows cooking with minimal oils and butter, promoting healthier cooking options. The lip of the pan strikes a balance between preventing splatters and allowing for easy flipping of food, enhancing your cooking experience.

The Swiss Diamond Induction Fry Pan's high-quality construction and nonstick coating ensure optimal cooking results, longevity, and ease of use. If you're a professional chef or a home cook, this pan meets your cooking needs with outstanding performance. Made in Switzerland.

  • DIMENSIONS::24cm (9.5"), VOLUME::1.5l (1.6 qt)
  • Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended, OVEN-SAFE::Up to 500°F (260°C)

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