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Grinder Sette Wi

by Baratza
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This grinder is the first ever home grinder offering grind-by-weight functionality directly into a portafilter. Precise, accurate dosing to within a few grams (2- 3 beans!) directly into your portafilter makes quality, consistent espresso a breeze. The Sette 270Wi is equipped with a digital scale utilizing Acaia technology that holds three adjustable and precise presets. This allows you to save three different dose weights for a variety of uses. Acaia’s scale technology includes Bluetooth connectivity so that you can pair your Sette 270Wi with Acaia’s Sette Updater app on iOS to ensure timely updates if a change to the software is made.


  • Weight-Based Dosing: The 270Wi is equipped with a built-in Acaia scale, allowing for precise weight-based dosing. Set your desired weight, and the grinder will automatically stop when the precise amount is reached, ensuring consistency with every shot.
  • Exceptional Grinding Speed: The grinder features the innovative "Etzinger" mechanism, which delivers rapid and consistent grinding, minimizing the time between grinding and brewing for the freshest espresso.
  • Wide Grind Range: With 270 grind settings, you have precise control over your espresso grind size, allowing you to fine-tune the flavor profile of your shots.
  • Minimal Retention: The "drop through" design and short grind path of the Sette 270Wi minimize coffee retention, ensuring that each dose is as fresh as possible.
  • Stepless Micro-Adjustment: The stepless micro-adjustment feature enables you to make tiny changes to the grind size, perfect for the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

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