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Reed's Cinnamon Candy

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Reed's Cinnamon Candy Rolls 24 Pack

Enjoy the same bold flavor of Reed’s Cinnamon Candy you used to love. These hard candies feature a distinct cinnamon flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Cinnamon isn’t the only popular flavor. Try Reed’s Peppermint, Butterscotch, and Root Beer and enjoy all of the nostalgic bold flavors.

First introduced in the 1880s, Reed’s Candy is a true old fashioned candy favorite. Though briefly discontinued in the late 2000s, the brand was revived in 2015. Shop bulk Reed’s Cinnamon Candy online at Candy Nation.

Spicy cinnamon hard candies, individually wrapped. There are 7 cinnamon candies per roll. 24 Reed's Candy Cinnamon Rolls per box.

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