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Sauce Tsumami Black Garlic X Hot

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It takes 21-days to make our Limited Edition Black Garlic, Black Scorpion, Habanero, Reaper and Ghost Pepper extra hot, hot sauce. Handcrafted by Cooper's Small Batch owner Chef John. He uses the Maillard reaction transforming food by heat creating a new flavor. A strong anise, umami, garlic flavor makes for a delicious extra hot steak sauce. Made In Denver, CO. All-Natural, Vegan, Preservative Free, Gourmet Sauce.

  • Flavor Notes: Black Habanero - Black Reaper -Black Garlic
  • Pairs Well: Steak, Pork, Tofu, Rice, Whiskey, Red Wine.
  • Heat Level: Hot-Hot
  • Size: 5oz (148ml)

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