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Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce

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Infuse your dishes with an authentic Mexican taste when you keep Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce in your kitchen. This popular Mexican sauce receives widespread love for its mild flavor because it carries citrus and chili notes without making your food too hot. Whether you add a dash into your eggs or mix some into your favorite salad dressing, this product will add a burst of flavor your customers will keep coming back for. Because it's versatile enough to enjoy at every meal, this chili lime sauce will quickly become a kitchen staple. Cholula uses a traditional recipe that incorporates both arbol and piquin peppers to create this refreshing, tangy taste. Signature spices balance out the flavors while lime adds a bright, citrus burst. Also, unlike other hot sauces, which rely on large amounts of vinegar, the Cholula Chili Lime Sauce adds a milder, more welcoming heat. This difference means that you can use this well-balanced sauce on various foods without overpowering the other flavors in your dishes. Regardless of what you add this hot sauce onto, you'll find that it enhances the flavor, adding a fresh taste and fragrance. This product works well on proteins like chicken, steak and seafood. For a bold finishing touch, add a dash into cocktails or sauces. With 64 ounces of chili lime hot sauce in each bottle, you'll have enough to add it into all your signature dishes and experiment with making new recipes. Along with being an adaptable hot sauce that adds an irresistible, zesty lime taste to all your dishes, this sauce is made with feel good ingredients. With this product, you can serve up dishes your customers will feel good about eating. After all, Cholula is a low-sodium and gluten-free sauce. If you work in a kitchen, your customers may have unique dietary needs. This product is vegan, kosher and low-carb. Plus, customers on keto or paleo diets can indulge in Cholula Lime Hot Sauce.

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