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Coffee Maker Blue

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Introducing the Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic Drip Filter Coffee Machine in charming Pastel Blue—a coffee lover's dream come true. This coffee machine seamlessly blends iconic retro design with modern coffee brewing technology, elevating your daily coffee routine to a delightful experience.

Key Features:

1. Retro-Inspired Design: The Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine is a visual masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the 1950s and infusing your kitchen with a touch of vintage charm. Its pastel blue finish and chrome accents make it a stunning addition to any countertop.

2. 10-Cup Capacity: Whether you're brewing for yourself or hosting a gathering, this coffee machine can prepare up to 10 cups of rich, flavorful coffee, ensuring everyone gets a satisfying pour.

3. Drip Filter Brewing: Experience the art of drip filter brewing, a method celebrated for its ability to extract coffee's full flavor potential while providing a smooth and well-balanced taste.

4. Precision Brewing: The coffee machine features a programmable start time, allowing you to wake up to the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Set it the night before, and your morning brew is ready when you are.

5. Adjustable Coffee Strength: Customize your coffee to your liking with adjustable brew strength settings. Whether you prefer a bold and robust brew or a milder cup, the choice is yours, Say goodbye to paper filters and reduce waste with the reusable coffee filter that's easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

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