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*Doll Huggy Kissy Baby

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This smiley, lovable baby is ready for lots of hugs and kisses! A round head and a huggable body make this doll perfect for even the smallest hands. Add in rosy cheeks, wide eyes, and a happy smile and you get an ultra-sweet, fun and snuggly companion from play to sleep. When you're an adorable bald baby, your family finds lots of ways to show you how much they love you: Mommy lifts you up, Daddy kisses you on the tummy, and everyone wants to snuggle. What's not to love? MerryMakers Huggy Kissy Baby Doll is based on Leslie Patricelli's book Huggy Kissy, a universal tribute to love and affection. The book (sold separately) and the doll together make a perfect gift for every baby! The Huggy Kissy Baby Doll is the perfect companion for all of Leslie Petricelli's board books for the youngest readers. The MerryMakers doll is 10" tall. Safe for all ages, perfect for ages newborn to 4. Surface wash only. MerryMakers is a small company that cares about big things. Our high-quality, child-safe dolls and toys are based on the best children's book characters. Promoting imaginative play and literacy is job #1! .

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