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Flavor Chai Tea

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Chai Tea flavour is an irresistible blend of flavours with notes of clove, cardamom, cinnamon and a hint of creamy vanilla.  The warm spice mix of this flavouring lends itself well to frostings, cakes and cookies, but is also fabulous as a candy or fudge flavouring.

Chai Tea pairs beautifully with banana, apple, and pear flavours. Use Chai Tea flavour to add a hint of baking-spice taste to any banana bread or apple cake recipe.   Stir a few drops into a bowl of warm oatmeal and top with chopped apples or pears for a spiced-up breakfast treat.  It's great in a vanilla or chocolate shake as well.

Kosher certified • Gluten-free • Soluble in water

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, natural flavours and xanthan gum

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