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Encore (White) - Conical Burr

by Baratza
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Elevate your coffee brewing experience to a new level of precision and flavor with the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder in a pristine white finish. This grinder is the embodiment of simplicity and excellence, designed to cater to coffee lovers who demand nothing but the best in their morning cup of joe.


  • Superior Grinding Precision: The Baratza Encore is equipped with 40mm conical burrs, delivering a consistent and uniform grind that unlocks the full flavor potential of your coffee beans.
  • 40 Grind Settings: Whether you're brewing espresso, French press, or pour-over coffee, the Encore offers a wide range of 40 grind settings to cater to your preferred brewing method.
    Effortless Operation: With a user-friendly on/off switch, grinding your coffee beans is as simple as it gets. No complicated controls, just perfect grounds every time.
  • Efficient DC Motor: The high-torque, low-speed DC motor ensures a cool, quiet, and long-lasting grinding experience, preserving the integrity of your coffee beans and minimizing heat buildup.
  • Large Bean Hopper: The generous 8-ounce bean hopper allows you to grind ample coffee for your daily needs without constant refilling.
  • Grounds Container: The included 5-ounce grounds container is anti-static, reducing mess and making it easy to transfer your freshly ground coffee to your brewer of choice.

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