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EVOO Peppercorn Chefs Selection 500ml

by Ritrovo
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Colli Etruschi is a farm cooperative located near the Etruscan town of Blera. Under the supervision of agronomist Nicola Fazzi, their facility uses state-of-the-equipment to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils.​Silky yet bold extra virgin olive oil from local, late-harvest Caninese olives. Available for Private Label.
Region: Viterbo, Lazio (Central Mediterranean). Farm cooperative. Varietal: Caninese
Color: Vivid green
Aroma: Cut grass, lime A silky yet bold EVOO with a big peppery finish. Holds up great to heat which makes it excellent for sautés and sauces. Pairs beautifully with Lambrusco or Barolo wine vinegars. 500ml bottle available for Private Label

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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