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Sieve Mesh Sifter

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Mrs. Anderson's Tamis Mesh Sifter, also known as a Drum Sieve, breaks up and removes clumps from ingredients before baking or cooking. Its 9-inch width is ample room to process large amounts of ingredients quickly. Powdered ingredients like flour, crushed spices and confectioners' sugar tend to settle and compact during packaging and shipping. Mrs. Anderson's Tamis Mesh Sifter aerates these ingredients and removes clumps for lighter, fluffier baked goods. For smoother soups and sauces, use the fine mesh sieve to remove seeds, skins and other fibrous bulk from pastes and purees. No more lumps! It's a versatile kitchen tool that acts as a sieve, sifter, strainer, grater, and food mill. Simply place the Tamis Mesh Sifter over a bowl, mesh-side facing down. Place your ingredients in the center of the mesh and use a scraper, spoon or other firm cooking utensil to push the ingredients through the mesh. It sifts and grates ingredients into a finer, more even consistency than possible using other kitchen utensils. Strain soup stocks and purees for even consistencies and creamier textures, sieve fruits and vegetables after pulsing them in the blender for pulp-free juices, sift dry ingredients, like flours, powdered sugar, or pulverize ground nuts, oats and grains into a finer flour for batters. Easy to use, the 18/8 stainless steel frame and 16-count, fine wire mesh makes cleanup is a breeze; it's dishwasher safe.

  • Sift and aerate powdered ingredients, like flour, crushed spices and confectioners’ sugar, for lighter, fluffier baked goods
  • Sieve pastes and purees for smoother, creamier sauces and soups; no more lumps
  • 18/8 Stainless steel frame and and 16-count fine-wire stainless mesh
  • 9-inch width allows ample room to process large amounts of ingredients quickly
  • easy cleanup, dishwasher safe

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